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1 to 1 learning v2 – Jeff Olsen

1 to 1 learning v2

One to One Learning

1 to 1 learning is a form of learning which is more self-directed by the student. Use of laptops, IPads, Tablets, Smart Phones or other mobile devices is employed along with the use of various apps.

In the table below is a survey of some apps that may be used for a 1-to-1 learning application (also listed is the platform used and a brief description)

Apps Platform Brief Description
Digital data collection   Clickers from Turning Technologies.com are used by students to respond to questions
 Math Adventure: Number Find Lite
 IPod, IPad, IPhone
The challenge is to figure out the hidden numbers on a grid. As you work to figure out the pattern, you work on how numbers work.
 Side by Side with Dropbox
 IPod, IPad, IPhone
This app allows the student to take notes while on a website resource and either save it to the device or submit to a dropbox like Edmodo
 Chronicle  IPad  This app is a journal tool.
 Quizlet  Chrome, iOS, Web
 Quizlet is a site that helps students study words and improve their vocabulary. It allows users to create and share sets of virtual flashcards. http://quizlet.com/
 Evernote  IPhone, IPad
Helps students manage multiple assignments, readings, projects, etc from any device.
 Wikihood  IPhone, Ipad
Connects Wikipedia articles to location technology, providing a list of articles associated with any place you are – or any place on the globe you search
 Fotobabble  IPhone, Ipad, IPod
This app allows students to take pictures, create a background and record their voice on the picture. 
 Socrative  IPhone, IPad, Smartphone, Tablet
This app allows students the opportunity to interact within the classroom. Students will able to answer questions, posed by the teacher, through the use of their mobile device. 
Geo Bee IPhone, IPad, Andriod, Nook Color This app allows students to answer multiple choice questions, map challenges, and critical thinking questions that challenge students thinking of Geography. It is a fun way to find out what you know and see if you could be the next Geo Bee champion.
IMovie IOS Video editor/ Producer
GarageBand IOS Music editor/ Producer
I-Real Book IOS (not sure of other versions) An accompaniment tool that generates  a piano, bass, and drum part in various selected styles, keys and tempos, from a file which has a written out chord progression for a song.