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Pesonal Learning Environments – Jeff Olsen

Pesonal Learning Environments

Personal Learning Environments

Personal learning environments are systems or tools used to help learner take control of and manage their own learning. The term Web 2.0 is used a lot when discussing PLE’s. Various tools can include: Blogs, Wikis, RSS feeds and many other resources. Below is a brief list of possible tools as well as genre description they fall into

Note: Links have been attached to most of the tools. Click on the name of the tool to take you to its host page.


Genre/ description


Social Networking (find expert resources on various topics)


Social Indexing-Organize resources (websites, links, pictures)

Google Reader

Rss feed aggregator – Note: It has been discontinued as of July 2, 2013

Teachers pay teachers

An open marketplace where teacher share & / or sell lessons they have created

Doctopus (Google App)

A Google script that is used within a Google spreadsheet. It is used to distribute, share, and manage documents with students

Ted Talks (videos)

Video lectures (flipped classrooms)


Visual and collaborative curation tool used to collect, organize and share URL’s as well as uploaded photos and notes


Organize resources (bookmarks, research tools, pictures)


Secure online environment for collaboration, file sharing – setup is a wiki format


(retired Nov 2013) Personalized Homepage


Social Indexing- Organize Tweet topics


Repository for teachers – includes videos and lesson plans

Google Docs

Shared Document creation


Organize Resources (bookmarks)

Kahn Academy

Video lectures (flipped classrooms)


Mixed video on various topics


online environment for organizing and presenting various resources


web app (web page design) which allows people to add, modify or delete content in a collaborative environment.


Photo app (collaboration)


Blog (education focus)

Story Maker

web-based app for story creation

I have posted some curated videos on the topic of Personal Learning Environments below. These are not my work, just resources from others on the topic.

Personal Learning Environment - What is PLE? In 60 seconds

Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

Make Your own Personal Learning Environment