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Flipped Classroom – Jeff Olsen

Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

    The concept of the flipped classroom is usually thought of as the idea of ‘flipping’ the two main components of teaching in the classroom. The ‘lecture’ takes place outside the classroom via a video lecture (done with a screen capture program), while the ‘assignment’ or activity that would usually take place outside the classroom, takes place during the class period. There are various forms and levels of a flipped classroom. The goal of this method is to allow for more personal attention with students during the class period.

Here are some web page resources that explore the topic in more detail…

If you are interested in creating a flipped classroom, you may eventually need to make lecture videos. Below is a Wikipedia link to a comparison chart of screencasting software…

Below are some curated videos on the Flipped Classroom that I have posted in one of my YouTube Channels. These are not my original work, just resources from others on the topic.

Flipped Classroom - A Beginners Guide

How to Flip the Classroom

Flipping the classroom is not about videos and technology

Flipped Classroom part 1